Monday, March 2, 2009

A Bad Week!!

I am having a bad week. I lost where i wanted to get to by the end of March. NOW...I got lazy on what i am eating and my exercise!! Why do i do things like this?!?!? I am making progress, why backslide?? Why can i not prepare the foods like i need to?? What is keeping me from going on with this?!?!

GOOD QUESTIONS?!?!?! Just have no answers right now.

I guess the only good thing is that i am still exercising!!

Well, gotta get back on track! I will do it!!


  1. You CAN do it! We all have bad weeks! As long as we don't let that turn into a bad month it will be OK!! Maybe the warm weather will help?? It will be here soon! Also remember that you like to exercise! Remember???