Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here we go again....

I am going to try again...i know i can do it, ihave before!!

Here are my #'s

Weight: 206.4 lbs
neck: 15"
chest: 41"
waist: 38"
hips: 47.25"
thighs: 27"
calf: 16.75"
biseps: 13.5"
forearm: 11"
wrist: 6.5"

Here is where i was Last April!

Weight: Today: 199.6
neck: 14"
chest: 41"
waist: 39"
hips: 47.5"
thighs: 27.25"
calf: 16.25"
biseps: 13.5"
forearm: 11"
wrist: 6.5"

I really need to do this!! I have a black belt test coming up in about 2 yrs and i do not want to be like this for it!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am going to need to get back to the real stuff...I look at these pictures and do not realize how good i was doing! I am now up to 208 today!!

I am going to keep track more to see if i can do better again!